Private View:

How are you these days?

Directed by Luk Ho Hai My

Saigon-based director Luk Ho Hai My presents a touching portrait of the young artist Trần Quang Đại in her new documentary on the latter’s debut exhibition.  How are you these days? (2022) is Quang Đại’s first foray into storytelling through art – while he is better known for his prolific works as a model and entrepreneur, Quang Đại only recently turned to painting to capture glimpses of imperfect coexisting memories. Non-figurative faces feature heavily throughout the exhibition, inviting viewers to establish their own degrees of separation from the rendered subjects. The exhibition is accompanied by periodic performance art pieces and visual poetry.

Luk Ho Hai My first became intrigued by the exhibition after its debut inspired controversy – several public debates emerged about celebrity art and who can and cannot be an artist: “Trần Quang Đại was a new artist at this time. After his first exhibition, he received lots of negative and angry feedback from the internet, primarily because he didn’t have an art background and was seen as a famous person trying to do art. A lot of harsh comments targeted his paintings.”

“However, those arguments really kept me hooked. Despite the ruthlessness of the comments, Quang Dai didn’t back down; he kept going on his path consistently. And it made me question myself, How can others take away your dream, your passion so easily? If you don’t have a will of steel, the majority will take you down and steal everything from you, just because of their words.”

Quang Đại’s work explores the anxieties inherent in human relationships, the inevitable change that people undergo just by existing, and the impossibility of preserving the ways we relate to each other. Luk Ho Hai My is a keen observer of these anxieties. She sincerely captures a young person’s journey to transform himself, as well as his relationship with the world.

“I hope that, after watching this film, people can be less prejudiced in their views. All forms of art are around us, and it’s for everyone, no matter who you are. Art is an unlimited resource for all of us, including you and me.”

Luk Ho Hai My is currently working on a series based on Quang Đại’s exhibition. She will also work on a larger film project which will mark her return to her original passion: storytelling through cinema.